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[Silvergate, House Library]
Bookcases rise from floor to ceiling and nearly encircle the entire room. Only a heavy oak door and two windows, each rising from a cushioned window seat to the ceiling, interrupt this overwhelming collection of knowledge. Several comfortable chairs and ottomans are scattered throughout the room awaiting those who care to take a journey through the histories and literature of your Elanthian lands that line the shelves. You also see a brass and cherrywood library ladder.
Obvious exits: none.

You climb up the library ladder and search for useful reference. You've found

Profession Guides

Da Farmer's Guide to Sorcerery
Hadier's Guide to Sorcerery
Lord Ascious's Sorcerer Guide
Lord Dualstar's Sorcerer Guide
Lord Manny's Sorcerer Guide
Lord Netwiz's Ultimate Sorcerer Guide
Nei Blave's Tome of Sorcerery
The Life of a Sorcerer-Lord Khazmodain


The Darkside of the Rogue
Quiet's Rogue Guide
Bel's Guide to Open Locked Boxes
Haephestus's Guide to Disarm Traps

Refence Scrolls

Lady Bloodsnake's Imbedding Guide
Ceranis's AI Crystal Guide