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Netwiz's Ultimate Sorcerer Guide
Section One: Rolling
If you want an ultimate legend sorcerer, you should put your roll from highest to lowest: LOG DIS STR AURA WIS CHR INT CON RFLX DEX. If you just want a normal sorcerer: DIS WIS AURA RFLX DEX STR LOG INT CON CHR. The perfect race for sorcerers is elf. I know lots of people saying dark elf because due to the highest CS. Elf has 5 CS lower than dark elf but 10 DS higher than him. When you are old, you hit everything about the same. CS isn't the problem but your DS instead. Also elf has faster spirit point recovery than dark elf. You're smart enough. You know what to choose. <wink>
Section Two: Training
Spell Research: 2x never stops. Triple if you could.
Edge Weapon: 1x never stops.
Shield:1x never stops.
Armor Use: fit in 4 ranks whenever you can.
Perception: 1x can skip once awhile.
Climbing: have 8 ranks when title. Stops at 15 ranks
Swimming: same as climbing.
Mana Sharing: 23 ranks when title. Stops at 40 ranks.
First Aid: 1x can skip once awhile.
Scroll Reading: 1x if you could. Stops at 23 ranks.
Magic Item Use: At least 10 ranks so you won't fail to use twisted wand. 23 ranks if you want to use wizard wands.
Spell Aiming: 1x if you want to focus on maelstorm(710) and implosion(720). 2x if you want to aim the lamb by Lamb Disruption(711).
Physical Training: 1x if you could. Stops when max out.
Combat Maneuver: you will need this to dodge crit, such as boiled earth and veniom acid. It also add your AS/DS and the damage caused by ambush.
Section Three: Hunting
Level 0: Visit every place in DIR list.

Level 1~4: Rat(1) in catacombs and deliver messages from clerk in town hall.

Level 5~7: Cave Gnoll(3), Cave Gnome(2), Hobgoblin(3) in Hobland. Thyril(2) and Relnak(3) in catacombs. Crab(2) in River Rest.

Level 8~19: Manticore(8), Thrak(7), Crystal Golem(12) in mine road. Puma(15), Krolvlin Mercenary(17), Krolvlin Warrio(19), Fire Rat(16) and Fire Cat(18) in Lysierian Hills. Steel Golem(20), and Ice Troll(16) in Danjirland.

Level 20~24: Warcat(20) in blackened cave. Reiver(24) in Luinne Bheinn. It requires some climbing skills, and also have to be title.

Level 25~28: Stone Giant(27) and Stone Troll(23) in stone valley. Recently God made their boiled earth much nasty just like DC. You better kill him fast before he kills ya. Dark Catalyst(719) is your main weapon, use Mana Disruption(702) for supporting. Rich but dangerious.

Level 29~40: Ghostly Pooka(33), Shadow Steed(39), Miner(40), and Shadow Nightmare(43) in Graveyard. It becomes one of the toughest hunting ground in Wehnimer. Because 1)now you have to climb opening from secluded valley without holding weapon and shield on your hands. 2)when you enter and leave this area, you will be dispelled automatically. 3)these horsies can come into the node if it's not sanct'ed. I saw steed's AS/DS went up to 400 and TD 240. The ones come in usually are full of spells. Deadly and scary. 4)you have to climb trail if you're hunting nightmare and steed. Also requires climbing skills.

Level 41 and on: Stone Sentinel(57) in Darkstone. Sheruvian, and Banshee(55) in Broken Land. Sand Devil in Teras. Blah blah blah. Choose your own path.

Section Four: Tips
Travel light is very important for area required climbing and swimming, also to dodge these crit. Yes, people are saying sorcerers are like walking locker tanks. Indeed, we don't really care about RT but when you're older to access some dangerous places, believe me. You will want to be light.