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[Misty Chamber, Misty Void]
You are totally surrounded by dense mist. All directions are the same, yet all directions hold different possibilities.
Obvious exits: north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest, up, down, out.

Bel's BBB

This magnificent website is full of information about Gemstone III. If you can't find what you need here, it probably doesn't exist.

Lady Brownyng's Wedding Pages

And yes, it's back! By popular demand, Lady Brownyng's Wedding Pages have returned. Included in the Wedding Site are guides and tips for planning a beautiful wedding, information on theme weddings, stories about real Elanthian weddings, and resources for planning the wedding you want.

Lord Duelstar's Snake Pit

The most dedicated website for Sorcerery in Gemstone III. It contains the latest sorcerer forum, and also Lord Duelstar's special hunting guide with years of experience. It's a MUST-SEE for all the sorcerers/sorceress in Elanthia.

House of Silvergate Inn

The biggest house in Elanthia with over 3000 members. This is where Netwiz and Lorrainna belong. If you're interesting' in joining, but having a difficult time finding a sponsor, do not despair. I often sponsor people that I feel will be fine additions to the house. If you'd like to be sponsored by me, you may e-scroll me.

Lord Tsoran deArgonoth's Gemstone Maps

The next Zepath? It's very possible. Lord Tsoran has become the Map Man, and with good reasons. If Lorrainna can find her way with Tsoran's maps, you know they must be excellent.

Lady Penstar's Reversed Verb List

Have you ever wondered, as I have, how to express yourself in action, but not been able to recall the verb to do it? I mean, who can remember that when you want to bite your lips, you should smooch yourself? So Lady Penstar puts together the list of action that you may wish to take, what what must be entered to perform the act.

The Elanthia Bestiary

The most complete and up to date cataloging initiative of beasts in the realms of GemStone III. The Bestiary has recently been upgraded to expand its search capabilities and information categories.

The Unofficial GemStone III Webring

Magick Gemstone III Ring
This Gemstone III Ring site owned by Netwiz & Lorrainna.

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