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Good stats are very important. I would not settle for less than 600-640 if you add all the numbers up that you get when you roll. Order them in the following manner:


From levels 0 to 7 train in 1 Sorc Spell, 1 MnE spell, shield use, and weapon (one handed edge probably) every year.

I recommend training in your sword 40 times. That will grant you +140 to your DS at 40th level. Why stop there?

Training another 40 times will only get you an additional +40 to your DS, so its hardly worth it except for occasionally.

When you have the points to do so, train in the following items as well (every 2-4 years):

Physical training (every 2 to 4 years)

Perception (every year if you can)

Mana Share (have 24 ranks by level 20-25 if you can)

Scroll Use (have 20 ranks by 25th level)

First Aid (every year if you can)

Climbing (one every 5 years or so)

Swimming (see climbing)

Magic Item use (one rank every 4-5 years)

a 3rd spell (you'll only be able to do this about once every 5-8 years until your older)

Level 8-10, same as above, but switch from MnE to MnS for 3 years, up to spirit defense. This will allow you to use spirit barrier when you are not using your sword for a lot of DS.

Level 11-15 more MnE to get Guard III

Level 16-19 More MnS to get up to 107 for your defense vs the critters spells in the spider temple

What to hunt:

0-4 Stay in town and deliver notes, its boring I know, but your not going to do much with either your sword or spells at this age. You can kill a rat or rolton in between notes if you have the time too.

4-7 Mine Road was pretty good for me, the Orcs hit a little hard, but the other critters there are fine. Also try Goblins around the crypt in the Grave Yard, there is always one to whack, and they are very easy. At 7th or so try out Mants and Thraks, I hunted there if I could get someone to cast Spirit Defense on me and did pretty well, things may have changed however.

8-11 Cave trolls are pretty good in a group. They are easy to hit, and VERY slow, but hit back, well as Oghier says, like a ton of trolls. If you wait till it swings at you, then quickly stance down and hit, you should be able to stance back up in all but the worst weather before the troll hits back. I never really liked greater orcs all that much, too hard to find and too hard to kill, but they are an option too.

12-17 I would try to start hunting with Mana Disrupt at this point outside the Krov mines. The puma, warriors and mercs have pretty good treasure, and there is a node near by for you to regain your mana at. Also, if you have been studying your first aid, the puma hides are very good coins, about 400 each if I remember.

18-25 The spider temple, this is probably the most fun I ever had as a Sorc. Dangerous, rich, and very very "sorcish". I hope you enjoy this area as much as I did, and still do when I'm taking others hunting :)

26-33 Hooded Figures, these too are really a ball for Sorcs, as you are basically fighting Wizards and Sorcerers who aren't too shabby with a blade either. Again, dangerous, rich and fast :).

Da Farmer ;)