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You see Lord Netwiz dolaiema the Elf Sorcerer.

He appears to be in his 60's, has short, straight black hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin.                      

He has a smiling monkey tattoo on his neck, a black angel tattoo on his arm, and a leering black domon tattoo on his arm. He is in good shape.                                                                                                                                                He is holding a vultite longsword on his right hand, and a rolaren tower shield on his left hand.

He is wearing a braided spidersilk satchel, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, a translucent spidersilk backpack, a black spidersilk cloak, a black spidersilk vest, a woven rolaren weapon harness, a veniom-worked black silk gem pouch, some full leather, a small Silvergate pin, a woven gold wand belt, a star-shaped rolaren cloak clasp, a midnight black cap.

Netwiz wipes the sweat from his brow. Netwiz says, "Whew! Dat was close. Oh sorry my friends, I just escaped from death again. Anyway, what brings you here? Wanna hear some stories of mine?" Netwiz gets an old and chatted scroll from his scroll.

Netwiz cleans his throat and starts reading. Netwiz says, "I'm just a normal guy borned in Wehinmier's Landin' last autumn. My father is Lord Dolaiemo, unfortunately I lost him when he tried to protect me from Lost Soul invasion. He seldom mentioned about mother. She died when she was giving the birth. Right now I don't have any family member alive in the landing. Grandma died a year ago due to the bone cancer in real life. I ain't a person with the splendid personal history or from a high class family, but a person with a brave, enthusiastic, sympathetic, and responsible heart. I met Lorrainna when the mine road was still a node. Dat was my first place called home."

Netwiz takes a drink of honey tea and takes a deep breath. Netwiz says, "After years of friendship with Lorrainna, the relationship between me and her had a chemical reaction. Kaboom! I found dat I was in love with her, but I was too shy, couldn't say a word in front of her. Blush always. 'til one day I'm encouraged by Lord Krymmson, (no. I ain't drunk dat day) I was afriad dat I would lose the friendship if I got refused. I proposed to Lorrainna at the foundtain courtyard of House Silvergate Inn when I first got on the fame list. I sang a song to her."              

Netwiz sings, "Love, I see forever in your eyes. I can see heaven in your smile, and when I hold you close, I don't want to let go. Because deep in my soul I know girl, you're the only light I see. Your love means everything to me. I promise dat we'll never part 'cause you'll always be in my heart. If the sun should refuse to rise, and the moon doesn't hang in the night. The tides won't change, seasons rearrange. When the world is through I'll still love you. Girl, you're like an angel from above sent here to shower me with your love. Hold me beneath your wings tell me all of the things all the hopes and the dreams we can share. 'Cause I'll be your shelter from the storm, I'll be the fire dat keeps your warm. I'll be your light in the dark cause you'll always be in my heart. If anything could last forever, it's what I feel for you. Oh baby, you touch my heart in ways dat words could never say. Dat's why I'll always love you."                                                                                       

Netwiz gazes heavenly and smiles. Netwiz says, "Dat's it my friend. Then we got married, spent the rest of our lives together. All the memory is valueable, and cherished. Right now I'm in Teras isle hunting kiramon workers and defenders. Lorrainna stays in Wehnimer's hunting warcats and such. Don't forget to come back and visit us sometimes."

Netwiz waves at you.

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