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You see Lorrainna DeLonwal the Human Rogue.

She appears to be in her 40's, has very long red hair, violet eyes, and lily white skin.                 

She has a stalking panther tattoo on her ankle. She is in a good shape.

She is holding a veniom-hilted falchion on her right hand, and an eonake-edged glaes tower shield on her left hand.

She is wearing a whiskered cat mask, a dried black rose corsage, a tightly-woven mithril alloy belt, a prancing pegasus pin, some elegant spidersilk pants, a crystal dragonfly pin, a tightly-woven spidersilk sack, a delicate silver-clasped handbag, a gleaming onyx nose ring, a deep red glaes spider charm, a silver ruby-eyed skull clasp, a silver caged bird earring, a black spidersilk cloak, a silver wolf's-head pendant, a small silver snowflake pin, a diamond and vultite necklace, a diamond and vultite anklet, some double leather, a translucent spidersilk backpack, some white feathered angel wings, a gold and emerald rose pendant, a leaf-shaped emerald pendant, a rainbow glaes hairpin, a gold ring, a pink rose pomander, and an emerald engagement ring.

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