BloodSnake's Ultimate Guide for Imbedding for Sorcerers
Author: Lady BloodSnake (KajunSnake)

I have done a lot of research and experimenting with imbedding different objects and have decided to post a short guide to help others who would like to take up this hobby. With this rewriting, I have updated a lot of information as I have learned much since I first wrote this guide.

1) Rods and Wands special ordered from Alchemist's shop.
Rods are better to buy than wands because they hold more mana than wands. Rods will hold up to 68 mana while wands tend to hold no more than 40. The best material for the money is Tanik. Tanik Rods at the Alchemist will cost you 2700 silvers with a little extra if you want it colored and takes about an hour to make. Once you get the rod, no potions are necessary. They are immediately imbeddable as they are. Simply type prep 420 then after the prep time... Cast My Tanik Rod. It's commonly thought that you must have the rod in your right hand to imbed, but actually it doesn't make any difference what hand you have it in. After that you have about 5 minutes to decide what you want to put in your rod.

Let's say you decide to imbed mana disrupt. To Imbed 28 mana disrupts in your rod you need to have at least 56 mana available. Type Imbed 702 in rod using wave for 28 charges. If you are successful you will get a message saying so. If you get a message that says "Something goes wrong in the process etc" that means you weren't concentrating enough and you failed at the imbed. In this case you must start all over with prep 420. In the worst case, the rod may blow up breaking your hand. This is an extreme fumble. The higher the level spell you are trying to imbed the higher the chance of failure.

I've had the most luck when I imbed at the Magical Workshop at the abandoned inn. It really seems to make a difference where you are. Be sure that when you are typing Imbed 702 in rod etc you don't specify TANIK rod or it won't work.

Use this same procedure for amulets purchased at the alchemist but here I recommend that you buy Maoral for amulets. These take longer to make, about 7 hours but don't cost as much as rods. Cost is around 1300 silver.

Following is a chart of the wands, rods and amulets you can buy at the alchemist. I've included, cost, time to make and max mana that I've been able to put in each.

Linden Rod     1700	 2 hrs           46
Linden Wand    900       2 hrs           34
Linden Amulet  600       3 hrs           28
Thanot Rod     1900      5 hrs           48
Thanot Wand    1000      4 hrs           30
Thanot Amulet  650       6 hrs           23
Ash Rod        2100      6 hrs           50
Ash Wand       1100      5 hrs           32
Ash Amulet     700       7 hrs           24
Hazel Rod      2300      3 hrs           52
Hazel Wand     1200      3 hrs           34
Hazel Amulet   750       4 hrs           25
Modwir Rod     2500      2 hrs           54
Modwir Wand    1300      2 hrs           40
Modwir Amulet  800       2 hrs           26
Tanik Rod      2700      1 hr            56
Tanik Wand     1400      1 hr            38
Tanik Amulet   850       1 hr            27
Oak Rod        2900      6 hrs           58
Oak Wand       1500      5 hrs           40
Oak Amulet     900       7 hrs           28
Yew Rod        3100      2 hrs           60
Yew Wand       1600      2 hrs           40
Yew Amulet     950       2 hrs           29
Monir Rod      3300      5 hrs           62
Monir Wand     1700      4 hrs           40
Monir Amulet   1000      6 hrs           30
Fil Rod        3500      7 hrs           64
Fil Wand       1800      6 hrs           40
Fil Amulet     1050      9 hrs           31
Haon Rod       3700      6 hrs           66
Haon Wand      1900      5 hrs           40
Haon Amulet    1100      7 hrs           32
Maoral Rod     3900      6 hrs           68
Maoral Wand    2000      5 hrs           40
Maoral Amulet  1150      7 hrs           33

AMULET         COST          MAX MANA
Slate:         5100            40
Clay:          5100            40
Marble:        5100            40
Brimstone:     5100            40
Basalt:        5100            40
Chaalk         2700            40
Sandstone:     1700            40
Coal:          1100            32
Limestone:      500            20
Soapstone:      350            20
Shale:          200            20
Granite:        120            20


2) Rods and Wands found on monsters.
These are those granite, steel, tin, quartz, etc wands and rods that you find in chests or when you search critters. Use the same procedure as above. Again, the rods will hold more mana than the wands. Once used up the rod or wand will not disintegrate, however they are not reimbeddable.

Following is a chart of the maximum mana that I've been able to put in each item. All come in the following materials: Lead, Tin, Granite, Quartz, Steel and Brass.


20-40 mana	30-65 mana	20-40 mana	30-40 mana

I've found a lot of inconsistency in these items. For example, I had three different tin wands to imbed. One held a max of 20 mana, one 30 mana, and the other 40 mana. So you can't predict how much mana one of these items is going to hold until you try it. But generally rods hold more than wands and rings and amulets hold about the same.

3) Wands carved from sticks.
If you know a high level Ranger friend, he or she can imbue sticks for you turning them into wands or rods. These become bent, small, flexible, large, hefty, cracked, stained, slim, thick etc wands or rods. You can forage the sticks yourself if you like. They are found around many forested areas around town. These are also immediately imbeddable, simply use the same procedure as above. These wands and rods hold mana based on the level of the Ranger who imbued them. Older Rangers make rods and generally the older the Ranger, the more the wand or rod will hold. These wands will disintegrate on their last use.

There are one or two high level rangers in town with special carving knives that can carve special symbols and statues that are also imbeddible. It takes them a bit of time and quite a bit of mana to do this though.

1) Rings found on critters
These are the granite, tin, steel, quartz etc rings you find in boxes or by searching critters. You use the same procedure as above but you must use RUB as the activator. EX: Imbed 401 in ring using rub for 30 charges. Please be sure NOT to imbed any offensive spells such as mana disrupt in rings or amulets as you cannot rub these items AT critters. Don't laugh, but people have made this mistake before. You rub your amulet and mana disrupt yourself. You can however put offensive spells such as Energy Maelstrom or Ewave into rings or amulets. Since the writing of my first imbedding guide, I've been successful imbedding Implosion into a few rods. (They're safely in my locker).

2) Rings and Bands from the Gemcutters
Rings and Bands from the Gemcutters shop in town are also imbeddable. However, these items are not so easy to imbed. You must use a Grot potion in order to make them imbeddable, and this is not so easy to accomplish. I have tried every single stone on the menu several times and the only one I've had success with so far is the Ruby Band. I managed to put 40 mana worth of Elemental Defense One in it. Once again, hold the ring or band in your right hand, the Grot potion in your left hand, type "Pour potion on my ruby band". If you're lucky you'll get the "you carefully work in the potion until its absorbed" message, then you can go ahead and throw 420 on it and imbed as usual. More often than not you'll get the grey smoke rising from the ring, which ruins it for imbedding forever. You'll still have the ring or band and it will look normal, it will just not be imbeddable any longer. I have wasted a LOT of rings and bands this way. I've tried to repeat my success with ruby bands and have fried about 6 of them.

3) Special merchant jewelry
Certain rings, earrings, amulets and other wearables are imbeddable. Many are reimbeddable. If you are uncertain whether an item is reimbeddable or not, simply buy a grot potion from the alchemist (around 4k a pour). Hold the item in your right hand and the grot potion in your left hand. Type pour grot pot on (my item). If you get the message "you work in the liquid until it is all absorbed" then you have cleaned the item and it is now ready to be reimbedded. If you're unlucky enough to get the grey smoke, you've ruined your item for imbedding forever. If you get the message the liquid quickly evaporates, then you can try again. If you have a reimbeddable item that you're truly fond of, it is in your best interest to find the oldest imbedder you can to pour the grot potion for you. It seems that grot pouring success is mainly based on age.

Ordinary gems that you get from boxes and from searching critters can be made into a blank imbeddable. The more valuable the gem, the higher rate of success you will have. So far I have had success imbedding the following gems: Following each gem is the maximum amount of mana I have been able to put in them.

Star Ruby		30		Polished Pink Coral	20
Ruby			30		Polished Red Coral	20
Blue Sapphire		30		Turquoise Stone		20
Star Sapphire		30		Aquamarine Gem		20
Yellow Sapphire		30		Smoky Topaz		30
Green Sapphire		30		Golden Topaz		30
Violet Sapphire		30		Black Opal		40
Pink Sapphire		30		White Opal		40
Any kind of Pearl	40		Uncut Diamond		40
Emerald			40

Here is the procedure for imbedding a gem. Hold the gem in your right hand and a Grot Potion in your left hand. Type "Pour potion on my (gem)". You will get one of three messages:

"The liquid quickly evaporates" - minor failure, can try again.
"Grey smoke rises from the gem" - major failure, gem is ruined for imbedding.
"You quickly work in the liquid until it's all absorbed" - success, gem is ready to imbed.

In my experience, if you are in the right place (i.e. the abandoned inn magical workshop) and you get the first message, most likely that gem will not work. Don't waste any more Grot Potion on it.

Once you have the potion worked in, hold the gem in your right hand and type prep 420. Then type the usual imbedding command. Imbed (spell number) in (Gem, dont type the color) using rub for (amt) charges. Again, be sure you have enough mana to cover the amount of charges of the spell you're imbedding. If you want 3 Energy Maelstroms (710) be sure you have at least 30 mana. Don't be afraid to try for more charges than you think the gem will hold. If you try to put too much in it, it will only take what it will hold. You won't hurt anything by overestimating. Better to overestimate than underestimate. If you feel the power rush away from you, don't worry you can simply start over with Prep 420. You do not have to pour grot potion on it again. Also, you don't have to worry about accidentally selling one of your imbedded gems at the gemcutters. The gem dealer will won't take it. He says "Sorry but I only deal in gems and jewelry". So once a gem is imbedded it is not considered a gem any longer but a magical item.

1) Always imbed at a magical workshop.
2) Never put aimed offensive spells in anything other than a rod or wand.
3) Be mindful that with every imbedding attempt you run the risk of blowing up the object.
4) Remember that the higher the level of the spell, the higher the chance of failure.
5) Be responsible with items imbedded with Maelstrom and Implosion. I personally will not imbed these two spells for anyone.
6) If you are imbedding an item for someone make sure they know the risk of the item being ruined and agree to not hold you responsible if that should happen.
7) You can use the Elemental Detection spell to tell if something is imbeddable or not. Cast it at the item. If you see chaotic patterns then its either not imbeddable or it needs a grot potion. If you sense that this is a magical item but there seems to be no spells attached to it, then it's imbeddable with a grot potion. If you get the message that you feel the item is magical and the flows of essence seem firmly attached to the object, then it is imbeddable without a potion. If the item is already imbedded and simply out of charges you will get a message to that effect as well.
8) The following items found on critters are NOT imbeddable: Smooth stones, shiny rings, bent rings, polished rings, polished medallions, etc.

Well I hope you find this information helpful. Any input you may have, success stories etc I'd love to hear about it. I'd also like to thank Lord Twilightmoon for helping me out with the Icemule Trace amulet information.

~~~Lady BloodSnake