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Maps Museum
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[Netwiz's Residence, Maps Museum]
This is the map museum of the Netwiz's Residence. The walls are draped in rich tapestries framing niches that hold marble busts of local dignitaries. Ahead of you is a double door, and to your left, a mahogany door bearing a silver plaque. You also see a small brass plaque with a map of landing of Elanthia mounted on the wall, and a huge wall map of the lands carved from solid maple and polished to a deep sheen. Obvious exits: out.

All maps are directly linked to Lord Tsoran's deArgonoth's Gemstone III Maps with his permittion.

Wehnimer's Landing
Map Status Date Description
Town FINAL 11/23/98 Town Of Wehnimer's Landing
Catacombs FINAL 9/20/97 Wehnimer's Catacombs
Outside of town FINAL 12/17/98 Area immediately outside of Wehnimer's
Upper Trollfang FINAL 11/19/98 Upper Trollfang, Sentoph, Black Swan castle, Temple of Love
Cavernhold FINAL 6/1/98 Cavernhold
Danjirland FINAL 5/9/98 Danjirland, Glacier, Stone Valley
Coastal cliffs FINAL 9/5/98 Coastal Cliffs, Shelfae, Cemetery
Wehntoph FINAL 5/10/98 Krag Slopes, Wehntoph, Labyrinth, and Minotaurs
Graveyard FINAL 11/19/98 Graveyard, Shadow Valley
Spider Temple FINAL 11/10/97 Spider Temple
Mine Road FINAL 9/30/98 Mine Road, Reivers, Wolves' Den
Lysierian Hills FINAL 9/5/98 Lysierian Hills, Krolvin Mine, Old Noralgar Road, Anwyn Castle
Broken Lands FINAL 7/22/98 Broken Lands, Sheruvian Monastery, Dark Grotto, Dark Shrine
Darkstone FINAL 9/25/98 Darkstone Castle
Icemule Trace
Map Status Date Description
Town FINAL 11/9/98 Town of Icemule Trace
Underground Areas FINAL 9/9/97 Well, Rat's Nest and Twisting Tunnels
South Gate FINAL 11/14/98 Farm, Cemetery, etc.
Other Gates FINAL 11/23/98 Rolaren Gate, Snow Fort, Abbey, Northward Trail
Pinefar FINAL 11/10/98 Pinefar Trading Post, Nightmare Gorge, Top of the World, Aenatumgana, Drake's Shrine
The Rift Preliminary 6/6/98 Vvrael area beyond the sphere
Trail FINAL 11/15/97 Trail from Icemule to Wehnimer's
River's Rest
Map Status Date Description
River's Rest FINAL 11/11/98 Town and all hunting areas
Teras Isle
Map Status Date Description
Kharam-Dzu FINAL 11/23/98 Town of Kharam-Dzu
Teras Wilds FINAL 9/7/98 Fhorian Village, Mausoleum, Kiramon Mines, Wind Tunnel, Temple of Luukos, Lava Flows, Eye of V'Tull